Why Am I Single?

still single

Your reason for being single could quite simply be that you haven’t found the right one yet. This could be for many reasons, including not looking in the right place, being too closed, or not opening yourself up to the right person. Let’s look at how you can meet someone suitable and find the right relationship.

1. You Don’t Go Out Much Looking for Dates

For those spending time going from work to home and repeating the cycle without socializing, you probably won’t discover anyone. To uncover suitable dates, you must get yourself out there. Make yourself available. While this may seem like a lot of effort after a busy day, unless you start finding opportunities, you are unlikely to find a match. There are alternatives which mean you don’t have to go out looking for singles. Get online and use dating sites for relationships to find a match.

2. You Haven’t Moved on from Your Ex

The end of a relationship is hard and often a common reason people find themselves alone for a sustained period. If you’re struggling to get over an ex, it can be tough to embrace new possibilities and potential partners. You need time to heal to be in the right position to open your heart. Moving on becomes inevitable eventually. Stop comparing everyone to your ex and start searching for a guy to treat you right. Discover a match that will make you the number one and put you first. Be honest and admit you aren’t over your ex.

3. You’re Too Fussy

Having a lengthy list of qualities in a potential partner means the chances of finding a match diminish:

  • must be rich or at least comfortable;
  • must be sexy;
  • own house and car;
  • tall, dark, handsome;
  • athletic;
  • likes expensive holidays;
  • pays for everything;
  • great job with prospects;
  • funny;
  • good with children and animals;
  • ambition to buy a house in the country with horses.

Does this look like your wish list? Time to re-evaluate! Prioritize important things like whether your potential date is a decent human with good morals. Someone that can make you laugh and a potential love/life match.

4. Your Self-Esteem Is too High or too Low

The guy who walks with swagger thinks he’s special, loves himself and thinks everyone else should too! You know the one we’re talking about. Mr. “air of confidence,” the guy that has it all. Comes across as arrogant yet wonders why he’s single. Probably tells himself he hasn’t met anyone good enough. Don’t be that guy/girl. Lower your expectations and take a look at yourself. If you haven’t been snapped up, despite being the best catch, maybe that’s you are the problem?

5. You’re Somewhat of a Nerd

Is being considered a nerd such a bad thing? It certainly doesn’t make you undatable. Maybe you need to look in the right place to meet a fellow nerd? There are plenty of dating sites for relationships for all kinds of people, including nerds. Get online where they find singles with similar beliefs, interests, and ambitions as you.

6. You Appear Mysterious and Closed Off

Do people find you the silent and mysterious type not giving much away? Could that be interpreted as rude or closed off? Mysterious people can seem intimidating when they’re just quiet and reserved. In different social situations, you will uncover different characters. This doesn’t make anyone more or less deserving of a person’s attention, just unsure how to approach you.

7. You Are too Independent

Becoming independent tends to happen as you get older. People get set in their ways, used to doing things a specific way. Often, this becomes more of an issue of women. Following a lengthy relationship, things just become routine as you get used to doing things your own way. Living alone becomes normal. It gets harder to let people in and share. Sleeping alone becomes a luxury, watching TV, eating what and when you want, and enjoying a general sense of freedom. A relationship or new partner will inevitably mean compromise.

To ensure that you experience the best possible dating, it’s time to get online. Not only can you find a whole host of love advice, but you can also use a dating app to meet and get to know new dates.

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