How to write a good online dating profile


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A good tip for you is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. When you’re browsing through profiles on dating sites, what would compel you to read on?

1. Take your time

The thing about dating sites is that they’re not anywhere anytime soon. So, when the time comes to consider the all-important information to include in your profile, don’t be tempted to rush into anything. You might have already taken the opportunity to give the interface a once-over. If you’re interested in a site like, you can register for free and start browsing through the possibilities before you’ve even considered what to write about in your introduction. But you need to temper that excitement. Too often people fall at the first hurdle because their enthusiasm comes across as a little manic and unpredictable. A good tip would be to make some notes first. Why not create a Word document where you could type it out, then see what it looks like in print? You could add to this, or remove the embarrassing stuff long before publication. Once you’re satisfied, do a copy/paste into the relevant fields of the profile.

online dating2. Make your interests interesting to others

Dating sites are popular, so dating profiles need to stand out from the crowds of singles who are flicking through the information. Think of your hobbies, but dig a little deeper than that. Anyone could say, ‘I like going out for drives, or I love movies.’ But those claims are far too generic. What is it about your background interests that you are passionate about? So, an improvement on those rather banal statements might be, ‘I like going for long drives into the scenic countryside nearby, looking for romantic picnic spots,’ and ‘I love movies, particularly a good horror film, one where there are jump scares where my partner and I would frequently jump into each other’s arms.’ Don’t be tempted to list everything you do in your spare time, or trivial aspects of your job or where you study. This isn’t a CV you’re writing. Highlight the most interesting aspects.

3. A picture is worth so many words

Finally, photos for dating profiles are crucial. For a site like, upload a current one, with no background distractions. Images for dating profiles should be high-quality in resolution, not selfies you’ve screen-grabbed from your social media. Never think about doctoring your images with Photoshop.

4. Think of yourself as one in a million

What’s so different about you compared to the profile before yours or the one immediately after it? Get yourself into the mindset that you are an interesting person who anyone would want to get to know better. Any unusual accomplishments? Or awards? Another important tip is never to make up anything in your profile. If you happen to have completed 10 skydives, then list that. This will be guaranteed to arrest the attention of prospective dates looking for love online. But if you haven’t done anything quite so remarkable, don’t tell lies about it. If you claim to have broken an Olympic record at some point but there’s a singular lack of medals at home, you’ll be found out sooner or later. And your dates will assume that you can’t be trusted – which will derail any relationship before it has even got off the ground.

girl chatting5. Catchy phrases and lookalikes

Again, you should think along the lines of the type of wording that would leap out at yourself. Most people use stock catchwords/buzz phrases, such as ‘GSOH’ or ‘looking for fun.’ These are all well and good, but not so impressive to your potential date who has just flicked through 20 profiles stating the same thing. Think outside the box a little. If you’re vertically-challenged, you might say ‘short in stature, huge in personality.’ Be a little poetic in your description. Alliteration is always eye-catching. Sensual, sophisticated, sexy. Friendly, faithful, frisky. Comparing yourself to prominent people, known for their sexiness, is another neat trick. ‘People say I look a little like Tom Hardy. Why don’t you come and judge for yourself?’ Maybe the only resemblance is dark hair, brooding eyes, and tattoos, but you’re bound to grab someone’s attention!

How to write a good online dating profile
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How to write a good online dating profile
A successful dating profile can be your password into a realm of excitement and passion. Without one, you’ll find your options curtailed. Here’s the secret.
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