Dos and Don’ts of Friends With Benefits Relationships

Friends With Benefits

What are the Fundamentals of FWB Relationships?

FWB relationships aren’t exactly about dating. In fact, if anything, it is mostly about casual sex. Live in the moment, and stick with the following rules to get the most out of it.
Remember, you are not dating. You are getting into a relationship where you have to be involved with someone, yet not have a say in what the person does. It’s time you straighten some things out from the get-go, so you don’t sink to the bottom. No strings attached.

Here they are:

1. Express clearly what you both want

You don’t assume things in this kind of entanglement. In fact, it is important you don’t keep quiet and continue with the flow or what the other party proposes. Both of you have to dialogue and have an honest conversation about what you both want for each other. This main focus of this conversation is ironing things out and clearly stating what you two expect or do not expect from each other.

2. You have to check your feelings all the time

Do not hide at any point in time how you are beginning to feel about the relationship. If you no longer relish moments with your partner as it was at the start of the relationship, tell him/her and not hide it. Also, make your partner know if you are beginning to vest your emotions into the relationship. Put things in perspective, and communication is key in this sort of relationship. Also, read your partner and try to understand their feelings per time.

3. Don’t keep the hopes high for a relationship

The glamour, fun, and pleasant moments you have with your partner might trick you into believing you two might go on to date. Don’t keep your hopes high here. Except you both agree to go with the flow, don’t assume it will lead to a real relationship.

4. Protection is key

Perhaps, sex isn’t part of the package. However, if it is, ensure you always use protection when you get down to the act. There is a possibility you both might agree to be sharing partners, which is the more reason why you should stay safe. Plus, agree on how you both should be tested for STI.
With the rules, it’s pretty hard. There is no telling that as a human, there is a tendency one partner catches feelings and spoils the whole journey, which is why it is important to get it clear from the beginning.
If you are cool with having sexual romps alone, and not minding what your other partner does with his or her time, then you are in a better relationship than the actual relationship.

Here’s why:

1. It’s more sustainable

You are free like a bird. You don’t get to be questioned or suspected for every move. You are respected for your space, and no poke is nosing with your private affair.The actual relationship is quite the opposite, where heartbreaks are possible. With FWBs, you can be in touch for years, and get on with each other. No strings attached.

2. Sleepovers aren’t important

You can hook up anywhere. You can have a good time where you fancy, and that’s that.

3. It’s not necessary for people to know about them

With actual relationships, every Tom, Dick, and Harry must know about your partner. It establishes trust and interest. But not with the FWB relationship.
You don’t have to prove anything. It is not important that your family, friends, and foes know about them. You are only having a good time together.

4. Calling it quits is easy

It’s quite the opposite of actual relationships. But with FWBs, when you are done, you both go your separate ways. No strings attached.
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